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Remote Marketing Manager (RMM)

Our Remote Marketing Managers are multifaceted marketing professionals & strategists, with extensive experience in: offline & online marketing & media planning, email marketing, social engagement, inter-agency communications & planning, event organization, customer acquisition and lead nurturing strategies.

Todays Challenges


Many small business owners do not have the time, necessary skills, eduction, proper tools or resources to spend on effective marketing strategy and proper execution


SMB owners often either rely on inexperienced staff, or outsource all marketing activities to multiple small service providers/freelancers


Service providers don’t speak to each other, don’t follow an integrated/strategic marketing plan and don't take time to understand the market and/or the needs specific to your company

Our Solutions

Remote marketing manager (RMM) is a revolutionary consulting program developed by OneCore Media. By participating in this program, owners of small to medium sized businesses can gain control of their entire marketing operations and get their life back. RMM program is a real alternative to hiring expensive marketing consultants or inexperienced full time staff. We know that many business owners struggle with limited marketing knowledge and resources, hence RMM is the perfect solution to get support in developing and implementing their marketing strategy.

We assess all your marketing initiatives to assess whats working and what’s not
We do marketing & competitive research to keep you step ahead of the competition
We talk and negotiate on your behalf with your marketing suppliers/providers using our expertise to negotiate more competitive rates
We streamline and organize marketing activities across all channels keeping in mind your main business goals and challenges
We monitor the performance of your current marketing campaigns and provide data driven insights and recommendations.
We help you put together a marketing strategy based on insights we derive from your analytics
We provide you with the strategic oversight of your social media engagements
We can assist in development and management of your companies website
We help you create customer acquisition and lead nurturing strategies based on industry best practices.
We continuously look for ways to optimize your marketing ROI


With Remote Marketing Manager’s help we have set up a marketing automation system and were able to increase our conversion rates and quality of leads.

Our RMM worked tirelessly to grow our email list, maximize revenue from our promotional initiatives and to increase relevant traffic from social media channels. He also assisted us with identifying the right offer for the right customer segment and decreased our shopping cart abandonment rate with exit offers and other tactics.

Remote Marketing Manager program was a great investment for our company. We finally don’t feel like we are lost with marketing. Eugene, our RMM, provided us with clarity and useful insights into what was working and what wasn’t. Now we can make smart and data driven decisions.

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