Cross-Media Marketing (Print & Online)

The customer journey covers both online and offline. Your marketing efforts need to reflect that. As digital marketing evolves and competition grows, it has become necessary to overlap both online and offline marketing efforts. Your customers have instant online access on their phones which means that they can, and often will, go from your direct mail communications straight to your online communications.

An effective method of optimizing this transition in direct mail marketing communications is to use PURLs (personalized URL). These are urls that send the recipient of the direct mail to a unique and personalized landing page where they can learn more about your offer. In addition to being able to track your consumer, PURLs allow you to personalize your connection with the customer.


Print Management

Print Management relates to the management of various print tasks. By implementing a controlled and coordinated program of the processes involved in printing, organizations are able to significantly reduce costs while improving consistency of quality, color application and delivery times.

Direct Marketing with pURLs

Using PURLs will allow you to bridge the gap between your offline and online marketing communications. PURLs are urls that are used in direct mail or email campaigns and send the reader to a dedicated and personalized landing page created just for them.

Uses for PURL include:

  • Sales Prospecting
  • Customer Surveys
  • Event Registration
  • Information Delivery
  • Customer and User Feedback
  • Trade Show Prospecting
  • Customer Surveys

How a PURL program Works:

  • Target customer receives a direct mail or email message
  • Interested in the offer, the customer visits their PURL
  • The Landing Page addresses the customer by name and conveys the necessary information
  • Customer takes the desired action (fill out a form, register for an event, etc.)
  • The customer’s details are now in the system and they are now a warm lead


  • Deliver a personalized and uniquely relevant message to every prospective customer, meaning they’re more likely to pay attention
  • Improve response rates to your traditional direct marketing efforts
  • Track your customer’s interest levels by monitoring how often they visit their unique page and what content they’re looking at
  • Using customized marketing messages you can move the customer through your conversion funnel once they’re on their personal web page
  • Customized marketing messages help develop trust and make it more likely that the customer will share their information
  • Reduce wasteful paper products by sending out a single paper mailing and then following up using online methods


Integrating print marketing materials with a PURL resulted in a 7.6% response rate and 15.3% conversion rate according to a 2012 InfoTrends study. Incorporating email and mobile marketing into the print/PURL mix further drove up both stats.
While the popularity of email continues to grow, a 2012 Response Rate Report by the DMA found that the average direct mail response rate was 3.4%, a full 30 times higher than the response rate for email. This indicates that direct mail, while declining in effectiveness, is still a very useful marketing tool.
A $640 billion industry globally, optimization of print processes and management is a business necessity. By doing so, businesses can significantly reduce their costs as well as increasing their printing output.

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