The Smart Way to Connect With Your Customer and Grow Your Business

A necessity in modern marketing, automation helps businesses to ensure their marketing efforts are both efficient and effective. When done correctly, it can be the single most important tool for increasing sales, growing your customer base and encouraging repeat purchases.


Generate New Leads

  • Visitor ID allows you to identify new visitors
  • Collect visitor information with dynamic forms
  • Optimize various campaigns
  • Integrate with social media

Drive Sales

  • Nurture leads in your existing database with Email automation
  • Track online user behavior to develop lead insights
  • Notify sales team when the user takes a specific action
  • Identify hot leads with lead scoring

Measure ROI

  • Analytics to measure every aspect of the campaign
  • Integrate Google Adwords
  • Determine which tactics are successful and eliminate those that aren’t
  • Content ROI tracking

By Leveraging Marketing Automation You Can:

Generate More Business
with Lead Nurturing

80% of your leads are not ready to buy from you when you make first contact. Marketing automation allows you to keep those relationships alive and continually nurture them to the point that they become sales-ready. This process is known as lead nurturing and has been shown to result in 50% increase in sales at a 33% lower cost per lead.

Retain, Develop and Extend
Customer Relationships

The key to successful growth for most businesses is repeat buyers. In order to encourage multiple repeat purchases, you need to continuously provide your customers with value in terms of your expertise while also understanding their changing needs. Done successfully, a solid long-term customer relationship will result in customer loyalty and satisfaction and opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Align Your Marketing and Sales

Your marketing and sales efforts need to be aligned every step of the way. Marketing automation provides a number of techniques and tools to ensure your sales team truly understand each lead and how best to make the sale.

‘Demographic Lead Scoring’ helps you identify those prospects that match your ideal target customer. ‘Behavioral Lead Scoring’ will pinpoint those prospects who are displaying purchasing behaviors synonymous with leads ready to engage and purchase from you. Once ‘hot’ prospects have been identified, your sales team needs to be notified immediately with all the relevant information to help them close the sale. Automation helps you achieve this by integrating your CRM with processes such as ‘sales alerting’, ‘lead recycling’ and ‘service level agreements’.

Prove and Improve Your Marketing ROI

Marketing automation provides your business with a high level of insight into the ROI of your different marketing campaigns. You can keep track of your investments and ensure that budget is being allocated effectively. Using analytics you will be able to collect hard data which can be used by senior executives to clearly see their return on investment.


  • Keep your sales funnel full by identifying and capturing anonymous web visitors to turn into leads
  • Deliver personalized content to nurture existing leads and transition them into qualified leads
  • Identify sales-ready leads and get their information to your sales team as quickly as possible to boost sales
  • Increase successful up-selling and cross-selling efforts by creating strong, long-lasting customer relationships
  • By tracking the entire marketing and sales process you get a detailed understanding of ROI for each of your marketing tactics


Of the companies outgrowing their competition, 63% use marketing automation. (The Lenskold Group “2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness study”)
In 2014, 41% of B2B marketers intend to increase their marketing automation budget. (PepperGlobal)
5 years
Of all the CRM-related segments, marketing automation has seen the fastest growth in the last 5 years. (Focus Research via Hubspot)

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