The Problem

Baby Wisp were looking for ways to increase sales and not be continuously reliant on new traffic they have to pay for. They wanted to increase the size of their email list by improving their list building efforts, as well as increase referral traffic from social media channels which they spent so much time managing.

The Work

Our e-commerce marketing specialist first performed a marketing channels review and performance assessment. Results were used to calculate cost per acquisition per channel, identify average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value (CLV).
We then used this data to find the traffic sources with a low cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and have gone on from there to build strategies to further improve results from these channels.
Two areas identified, which showed potential for improvement included Email and Social Media.
Email proved to be the highest converting channel for Baby Wisp, however due to a very small and old list. The impact on revenue was very low and the list growth was almost non existent.
Baby Wisp had been very active on all the most popular social media channels. They were manag-ing it themselves but had a very low return on their efforts. Very little traffic went back to their web-site from social media channels and hence revenue impact and ROI was very low.

Proposed Tactics

Remove the current newsletter sign up website popup offering loyalty points and replacing it with smarter, more targeted popups with more relevant incentives for visitors to subscribe.
Reduce shopping cart abandonment rate with ecommerce remarketing methods such as: exit popup offers on the shopping cart page, exit intent and shopping cart abandon- ment email cam-paigns.
Create engagement experiences in the form of sweepstakes and photos contents for current customers and website visitors. In order to grow the email list and put visitors in the mood to purchase by having created a high level of engagement.
Concentrate on Pinterest as a platform to drive social sales.

The Result

After launching new, more targeted offers via smart popups. Email acquisition rate increased by more than 300%
Engagement campaigns such as “WinYour Wishlist” identified new ways and opportunities to remarket to customers who left items in their wish list and didn't complete the purchase

Within the first week of managing Baby Wisp’s Pinterest account, we saw the following results:

Average daily impressions increased by 88.79% to 2,341
Average daily repins 12 (260% increase)
Average Daily Clicks to website increased by 900% (client finally started seeing traffic coming from Pinterest)
Increase of 348 new targeted followers

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