The Problem

Roofing Co. started back in the time where client growth was largely due to word of mouth and traditional advertising. However, traditional methods were no longer working following the recent economic downturn and the company realized it was time for a change. They came to us wanting to reengage past customers and boost sales by cross – selling them on other services and maintenance work. Like other companies, their focus had been on gaining new customers and in the process they had lost track of their old customers and failed to communicate with them after the initial sale, this coupled with limited marketing resources had caused their sales to drop dramatically.

Key Achievements

Re-engaged previous customers and dramatically increased sales across the board with automated and targeted marketing communications
Reduced costs by automating the process and intelligently allocating budget based on analytics data gained from tracking different campaigns
Successful re-engagement campaign set the groundwork for expanding marketing automation to all aspects of Roofing Co.’s marketing efforts

The Challenges

Roofing Co. had previously relied on word-of-mouth and traditional advertising tactics to increase sales and drive their growth. While originally successful, an increase in competition coinciding with an economic downturn meant these tactics had resulted in stagnating growth in recent years.

Limited marketing resources and an emphasis on generating new customers has meant that Roofing Co. fail to engage any of their customers after their initial purchase. While generating new leads is essential, missing out on re-engaging previous customers meant they were losing valuable business that would be a fraction of the cost to attract when compared to new customers.

With an existing customer base of over 20,000, Roofing Co. believed that they had an untapped resource of paying customers at their fingertips. By reaching out to previously satisfied customers and cross-selling them on maintenance work and other services, they could dramatically boost sales without incurring a high cost.

The Work

To begin with, we determined that in order for Roofing Co. to target the existing customer base intelligently, we would need to first identify and segment their customers into distinct groups. This would allow us to customize different marketing communications for each of the groups and their purchasing needs.
Using our Marketing Automation Dynamic Lists, they were able to automate the segmentation of the customers based on criteria that was identified as related to the specific services on offer. An added advantage of using Dynamic Lists is that customers can be easily added or removed from a particular depending on requirements, making it easy to build a permanent growth engine.
Once the customer segments were created and relevant services for each segment identified, Roofing Co. engaged in a targeted marketing communication drip campaign designed by OneCore Manager. These “Drip Campaigns” are essentially a collection of marketing emails automatically sent out to a designated list on a pre-determined schedule. These campaigns allowed Roofing Co. to regularly bring to the attention of their customers products and services that would meet their needs without overwhelming them with all the information in a single email.
As the drip campaign commenced, attention was turned to proactively making the sale rather than simply waiting for the customer to make contact. Implementing our marketing automation software, the Roofing Co. were able to implement lead tracking, lead scoring and notification features to identify and notify their sales team in real-time when potential leads exhibited signs that made them prime targets for sales. Our marketing automation solution allowed Roofing Co. to focus their efforts on the few hundred customers (out of 20,000) who were the most likely to make a purchase rather than try a scatter gun approach.
The final piece of the automation puzzle was specialized campaigns for niche segments. Based on their research on the top reasons that customers would need roof repairs or replacements, Roofing Co. were able to create specialized campaigns using our marketing automation solution that sent targeted content to these specific customers. By tying in their marketing communications to these specific situations, they were able to address a specific need at a specific time that the customer would be more likely to be looking for a solution to their problem.

Moving forward, OneCore and Roofing Co. aim to consolidate all of their marketing efforts into a single marketing automation platform that will allow them to develop a streamlined and targeted marketing effort throughout the customer journey and as a result increase sales conversions while reducing cost.

In addition, they will roll out their automated marketing to reach out to new customers by incorporating it with our lead generation techniques and automated social media.
By tracking the progress of every marketing campaign, we have enabled Roofing CO. to be able to determine which ones are successful and effectively allocate resources to the highest performing.

The Result

Implementation of marketing automation solution resulted in a $589,825 total increase in revenue, a 13% lift.
Analytics and tracking of campaigns resulted in a reallocation of funds to paid search from direct mail, which generated an additional $9,200 in revenue
Specialized campaigns resulted in 150 leads opting into the maintenance plan generating $238,000
The various campaigns across the different segments all generated additional leads and sales that were all previously untapped

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